Employment Law Policies and Procedures

employment law policies - team photoAll businesses with employees should have up to date, compliant policies and procedures in place.  We prepare all the employment policies and procedures that your business is likely to need.  A comprehensive list of policies and procedures is set out below for your ease of reference.

We can either review and update your existing Company/Employee Handbook or individual employment law policies or put new ones in place, tailored to your organisation.

Whilst, for instance, there is no legal obligation to put in place an Equal Opportunities Policy, this is something that we strongly recommend.  In the event of a discrimination claim, it will be virtually impossible for an organisation to mount a successful defence to such a claim and avoid liability for discrimination or harassment committed by one of its employees unless it can demonstrate that it has an Equal Opportunities Policy in place which it has also actively implemented.

With the surge in use of mobile technology and social media, caselaw on misconduct dismissals involving employees’ use of social media is emerging. In the cases of Preece v JD Wetherspoons plc and Crisp v Apple Retail UK Ltd employees were fairly dismissed for making derogatory comments about their workplace on Facebook. Notably, in both cases their employer had a clearly drafted policy which warned that employees could expect to be dismissed for making derogatory comments in social media.  We recommend that employers put in place a well drafted Social Media Policy setting out company rules on the use of social media both within and outside the workplace for business and personal use.  In the event of issues arising over the inappropriate use of social media having a policy in place will facilitate the company taking appropriate disciplinary action.

Adoption Policy

Adverse Weather and Travel Disruption Policy

Anti Corruption and Bribery Policy

Anti Harassment and Bullying Policy

Bring your own device to work Policy

Capability Policy

Career Break Policy

Data Protection Policy

Disciplinary Procedure and Rules

Equal Opportunities Policy

Expenses Policy

Flexible Working Policy

Grievance Procedure

Health and Safety Policy

Homeworking Policy

Information and Communications Systems Policy

Maternity Policy

No smoking Policy

Parental Leave Policy

Paternity Policy

Policies: Bereavement, compassionate leave, time off for public duties

Redundancy Policy

Retirement Policy

Sickness Absence Policy

Social Media Policy

Stress Policy

Substance Misuse Policy

Time off for Dependants Policy

Time off for Training Policy

TUC Bad Weather Policy

Whistleblowing Policy