Human Resources Support

human resources support - team photoWhether you are a small business with no HR function or a larger business with an HR Function that needs additional support, we can assist.

This Human Resources Support Service can provide you with peace of mind that we are at the end of the phone to deal with any HR issues that may arise for a fixed annual fee.

This service includes:

• Preparation and/or review and updating of your employment documentation including contracts of employment and a company handbook.

• Provision of a HR Survival Kit containing standard HR letters and documents.

• Unlimited legal advice by telephone for all employment issues.

• A monthly newsletter and regular e-mail updates to make sure you are kept fully aware of employment issues and legislative changes.

• 2 free places each year on our popular employment seminars.

• In house HR training at a preferential rate.

• An outsourced HR Function during disciplinary, grievance and dismissal meetings where required.

This service can be supported by an insurance policy that  protects your business against the possibility of claims for compensation and the cost of representation if you are unfortunate enough to be taken to the Employment Tribunal.

Employment tribunal claims can be costly:

in terms of legal fees which can quickly spiral into tens of thousands of pounds for a case;

the management time that is spent dealing with a case which could be better utilised developing your business;

and any award of compensation that is ordered against the business.

Our Employers’ Protection Scheme will help to ensure that your business stays on track by avoiding many of the distractions and the associated costs that employment tribunal litigation involves.

With the vast array of employment rights that workers now have under domestic law and European law, your business is at risk from costly and protracted disputes with employees, former employees and job applicants.  Many workers, employees and job applicants take the view that they have little to lose and potentially much to gain by instigating an employment tribunal claim. However, for small businesses in particular having to deal with an employment tribunal claim presents a significant risk to the stability of the business.

Our Employers’ Protection Scheme provides you with peace of mind that the following are covered*:

  • a dispute between you and your employee, ex-employee or a prospective employee arising from an alleged breach of their contract of service with you and/or related legal rights
  • a dispute with your employee or ex-employee which arises from their breach of a restrictive covenant where you are seeking financial remedy or damages
  • a dispute with another party who alleges that you have breached their legal rights protected by a restrictive covenant
  • a criminal investigation and or enquiry by the police, a health and safety authority or other body with the power to  prosecute, defence of a criminal prosecution including  motor prosecutions  brought against your directors and partners which does not relate  to the business
  • a  claim  against you for compensation under section 13 of the Data Protection Act 1998
  • receipt of a statutory notice served against you, notice of a formal investigation or disciplinary hearing by any professional or regulatory body
  • statutory licence appeals
  • loss of earnings to attend court, tribunal, disciplinary hearings or regulatory proceedings or whilst on Jury Service
  • Crisis communication – following an event that causes your business significant adverse publicity or reputational damage

*subject to the terms of the policy


To obtain a quote for our Human Resources Support Service or our Employers’ Protection Scheme Insurance, please click on the following link and download our proposal form.