Absolute Employment Insurance

employment insurance scheme

Our Absolute Employment Insurance package will cover your legal costs if your company (including any subsidiary and/or associated companies) is involved in certain employment related legal disputes.

The insurance, that can be added to an annual retainer package with us, covers a multitude of sins and gives you peace of mind that you have no legal fees and no risk of paying compensation if you are taken to the Employment Tribunal.  It covers the following, which may include some things that you had never even thought about:-

  1. Your legal fees (there may be an excess to pay as with most insurance policies)
  2. Awards of compensation (Basic and Compensatory awards)
  3. A dispute with regard to Restrictive Covenants – this is great if you have an employee who leaves and tries to affect your business by setting up against you or trying to take your clients.  The insurance will fund the legal costs of pursuing a claim for damages or injunction to enforce the restrictive covenants.
  4. Legal defence for any criminal investigation, health and safety investigation or prosecution or investigation from some other statutory body. It even covers motoring prosecutions brought against your directors and/ or partners that do not relate to the business – the exception is parking offences, you have to deal with those yourself.
  5. Any appeal with regards to a statutory licence or compulsory registration.
  6. Crisis communication – if something happens with the business that could cause significant adverse publicity or reputational damage we will send in professional public relations experts to handle the media and to help you with preparing letters to your clients if necessary.

All of the above is covered by your fixed price retainer, which can be paid monthly if you prefer (there is a small extra cost for doing it that way, because of the extra cost of insurance and the extra administration costs)

Additionally you get the following for a small extra cost or at significantly reduced rates:

  1. An outsourced HR function where we will come to site and handle your grievances, disciplinaries or even dismissals should the need arise.
  2. Reduced rates for our training seminars (once you have used your free places).
  3. Reduced rates if we have to do any written work that is not covered by your insurance – restructures, redundancies, TUPE transfers etc. We can do any redundancy consultations for you as well.
  4. Help with HR soft skills – performance appraisals for example
  5. Regular employment and HR updates by electronic newsletter


  • Don’t worry if you don’t have contracts or handbooks, we will make sure that you get brand new up to date versions, tailored to your business, completely free of charge within weeks of joining the service.


One of the main advantages of our Absolute Employment Insurance cover is that if you have an employment related problem we will act for you under the insurance policy.   This is a distinct advantage as we will already be familiar to you and with your business.  This helps to ensure that the process is as user friendly, convenient and efficient as possible.  Many other insurance schemes that offer cover for employment disputes will require you to use one of the insurer’s panel solicitors with whom they have negotiated heavy discounts for dealing with bulk cases.

Your employment case will be conducted by a specialist employment lawyer with a minimum of 15 years’ post qualification experience in dealing with employment cases.   We provide the highest level of service and have no need to compromise on account of costs.  Unlike other insurance schemes where, in the event of a claim, you will be passed on to an unfamiliar panel firm, you are our clients and we therefore have a vested interest in ensuring that you receive the highest level of client care and the best possible outcome.