Premier Total Cover

Retainer Scheme

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Premier Total Cover

Provided in conjunction with the Premier Support Service, this additional retainer-based package is, in our view, the best insurance policy on the market to cover you for any employment-related issues.

It will give you complete peace of mind that you will incur no additional legal fees and won’t be at risk of paying compensation, even if you are taken to an Employment Tribunal. *

Our policy* ensures that you have the right level of cover
for all of the potential risks you could face, including:

  • Legal fees
  • Awards of compensation
  • The cost of enforcing Restrictive Covenants
  • Legal defence for health & safety prosecutions
  • Defence of most motoring offences for directors and partners
  • Any appeal relating to statutory licences or compulsory registrations
  • Crisis communications

*Subject to terms and conditions

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