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Staff Sickness

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28 October 2016 Latest

Staff Sickness

We all get sick from time to time, so it is important to know what employees are entitled to by way of sick pay and if necessary how to mount a challenge if we think that a member of staff is taking advantage of the system. These brief notes follow from my interview with Mark Dennison on BBC Radio Nottingham.

Mark was asking what employees were entitled to when it comes to sick pay. I explained that there are two basic types of sick pay – statutory and contractual.

Statutory Sick Pay or SSP is available to everyone who earns at least £112 per week and is paid at a rate of £88.45 for each week of sick up to a maximum of 28 weeks in a year. An employee is entitled to this whether they are full or part time and agency workers have exactly the same entitlement. There are three waiting days, which are unpaid, at the start of each period of sickness (unless they are linked), so payment only starts from the forth day of sickness. Other staff sickness may be covered by;

Contractual Sick Pay of which there are two basic types, fully contractual pay or discretionary pay – these types of payment are sometimes called Occupational Sick Pay.

If you feel that staff sickness is excessive you would need to use your capability process to address the issue, but simple things like back to work interviews, where you find out about your staff member’s sickness can be a very useful tool to weed out those that may be playing the system.

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