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Scottish Independence

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12 September 2014 Latest

Scottish independence is an unknown quantity when it comes to employment law and there has been some interesting speculation as to what might happen north of the border if the Yes campaigners win on the 18th.

Will there be a different National Minimum Wage in Scotland, will there be a mass exodus of firms moving their corporate headquarters and a huge loss of jobs in Scotland if that is the case?

Will I still be able to practice in the Scottish tribunals and will cross border contracts be affected?

Until last week’s poll suggested that the gap between Yes and No had closed, most thought was on major issues like the possible loss of Stirling as a currency  – would they have to use the Euro if not allowed to use the Pound as Nigel Farage has suggested.

Major companies like Standard Life along with banks like Lloyds and RBS are already reported as saying that they re making contingency plans to move part if not all of their operations from Scotland – Interesting that the Royal Bank of Scotland would prefer to be regulated in England rather than Scotland.

What this will all mean for employment remains to be seen, but there is likely to be some turbulence ahead if we do see Scottish Independence  – let’s hope that the duty on Scotch isn’t increased.


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