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Equal Pay Act still sees a 19.1% gender pay gap

Equal Pay Act still sees a 19.1% gender pay gap

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30 April 2015 Latest

equal-pay45 years since the Equal Pay Act and there is still a 19.1% gender pay gap in the UK

From March 2016, companies with 250 or more employees will be obliged to report their gender pay gap annually. Currently the average woman earns 81 pence for £1 that every man is paid.

Whilst many companies are undoubtedly concerned about being obliged to publish these figures, there was really no other option. The three year voluntary scheme unsurprisingly was not taken up by many. Whilst more than 200 companies signed up for it, only 5 actually followed it through.

It is quite simple, the statistics show that the gender pay gap is still too great.

What do companies need to do?

  1. Conduct an equal pay audit even if you do not have 250 or more employees.
  2. Think about your organisational culture and how it could be improved.
  3. Look at structural barriers to advancement and promotion.
  4. Do not discount part time or flexible working. Being contracted to work fewer hours often means more effective and productive working.

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