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Employment Tribunal Fees

Employment Tribunal Fees

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12 September 2014 Latest

Employment Tribunal Fees

Interesting to hear this week that if Labour get back into power at the general election they intend to reform employment tribunals so that “income is not a barrier to justice”.

What is clear is that the current fee system is putting off a lot of people and employment cases are down by an unprecedented amount. However, this may change now that there is a new and rather simpler method of applying for fee remission.

While speaking at the TUC earlier in the week Chuka Umunna the Shadow Business Secretary said that the next Labour government will scrap the current employment tribunal system and replace it with a fairer system to ensure that affordability is not a barrier to employees seeking redress in the workplace.

Of course, there were no details of what the Labour plan entailed and whether or not they would scrap employment tribunal fees completely, so it remains to be seen what happens when if they manage to get back the keys to No. 10.

If you are interested in tribunal statistics and want to see how the fall in claims stacks up the information can be found at: what you will see is the fall of claims between Jan-March 2013 and Jam-March 2014.

It is perhaps ironic that this is from the party that when in government cancelled free higher education for our children by introducing fees at our universities.

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