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Employment Tribunal Awards Statistics – Year to March 2019

Employment Tribunal Awards Statistics – Year to March 2019

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16 September 2019 Latest

Tribunal Awards

The Employment tribunal awards statistics for the year to March 2019 have just been released and make interesting reading as in general average awards are down again. There was a single huge payout in an Unfair Dismissal case of £947,585,* but other than that extraordinary award others seem to be at lower levels than previously, perhaps with the exception of Age discrimination.. These are the statistics for the first full year since tribunal fees were abolished by the supreme Court ruling in July 2017. In the year from April 2018 to March 2019 there were 121,111 applications to the tribunal and although this is an increase on the previous two years it is still nowhere near the 2013 figure of 191,541. Which, at the moment, might be a good thing as the tribunal service is currently overwhelmed and waiting times, to get cases heard is often over a year.


Getting costs in the employment tribunal is notoriously difficult and it would seem to be getting even more so. In 2017/18 costs were awarded on 479 occasions, but in 2018/19 costs were only awarded in 209 cases – yes only 209 times 0ut of 121,111. The median cost award was £2,400

The full Ministry of Justice figures can be found by clicking here

The chart below shows how awards were made in each jurisdiction

Jurisdiction Maximum Award Median Award Average Award
Unfair Dismissal £947,585 £6,243 £13,704
Religion or belief discrimination £12,000 £1,500 £4,767
Sex Discrimination £24,103 £6,498 £8,774
Race Discrimination £33,660 £7,882 £12,487
Age Discrimination £172,070 £12,365 £26,148
Disability Discrimination £416,015 £12,156 £28,371

There were no awards for Sexual Orientation discrimination during the year.

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* This is a rare one off – unfair dismissal is usually capped at just over £86k or your annual salary, whichever is lower

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