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Employment Law Changes for April 2019

Employment Law Changes for April 2019

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15 April 2019 Latest

Employment Law Changes for April 2019

Employment Law changes or adapts every year and 2019 is no exception. Below are some of the changes that have taken place in April.

Wages and Payments

The National Living and Minimum Wage has just changed – the new rates are available by clicking here, where you will see that the new National Living Wage (employees 25 and over) is £8.21, almost a 5% increase.

There are also the usual increases in SSP, SMP etc. Statutory Family Payments, maternity paternity adoption etc., increase to £148.68 per week and Statutory Sick Pay increases to £94.25 per week.


An important change for April 2019 is that all employers need to provide payslips to ‘workers’ as well as employees and those payslips need to provide more information. All staff are entitled to a payslip for each pay period and that slip must now show the number of hours worked in that pay period, if the employee/worker is hourly paid. For anyone on a salary who receives extra pay for overtime, only the overtime hours need to be shown.

Government guidance on the new payslip rules can be found by clicking here.

Enforcement of this is going to be interesting, If an employee/worker does not receive a payslip they are entitled to raise a case with the employment tribunal. The penalty for the employer is that the tribunal can look back for 13 weeks and award the employee/worker any deductions that were made, even if they were completely lawful deductions.

Worker status – employee or worker can be tricky – click here for the Government guidelines.

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