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Dress Code – again

Dress Code – again

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2 June 2016 Latest

Dress Code

Following on from the high heels debate we have some new information regarding head scarves worn by Muslim women. It would seem that there is no Direct Discrimination if a Muslim woman is not allowed to wear her head scarf in work, provided there is a ‘neutral’ dress code

The following is not a judgment of the court, but is the opinion of  Advocate General Kokott so other judges are unlikely to take a different stance, but watch this space, stranger things have happened.

In this particular case a woman, who normally wore her headscarf outside of work, decided she would wear it at work as well. Here employers told her that it did not comply with their dress code and told her to remove it. Of course, this is where the argument starts. The company dress code states that there is to be no wearing of any visible signs of political, philosophical or religious beliefs, which AG Kokott thought was a generally neutral policy.

The opinion can be found here Achbita and Centrum v G4S.

It is important that any dress code that you operate is fair to all concerned and the Employment Law Experts at Premier Legal are on hand to advise you on all policies and procedures as well as being able to provide complete staff handbooks with all of the relevant policies in place.

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