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Change to ACAS guidance – vulnerable workers

Change to ACAS guidance – vulnerable workers

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3 May 2020 Latest

On 23 April 2020, ACAS made two revisions to its guidance for vulnerable and high risk workers.

  1.  Those who have received a letter from the NHS to say that they should take extra steps to protect or shield themselves because of an underlying health condition which put them at higher risk of severe illness from coronavirus may request their employer to  furlough them where they cannot work at home while shielding.
  2. Details about a shielding employee’s or worker’s medical condition are confidential and must be treated as such by the employer unless the worker or employee has agreed for such information to be shared.

It was already clear that employers can furlough vulnerable employees who cannot work from home whilst shielding but this revision provides that the individual may make a request to be furloughed and the provisions now apply to workers as well as employees.

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