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1 September 2014 Latest

Acas Dress Code Guidance

The new Acas Dress Code guidance has just been released. As well as offering advice on dress codes for the workplace it also mentions tattoos and piercings, which you will know from my previous blog have been in the news recently.

It is important that every business has a dress code or policy that is known and understood by all staff. Specific dress may be important for health and safety in the form of protective clothing or other equipment, this is known as PPE (personal protective equipment). A policy is important to help you maintain a standard and to aid you in any disciplinary process should it be come necessary. Other businesses may have a company uniform or a set standard for dressing when in the business, whatever the reason for having a dress code it is important that the policy is written down and available to all.

Sometimes there is a strong reason why employees cannot comply with a dress policy, so it is important that you understand their reason before you consider disciplinary action, the need for specific religious dress may be one reason. It is important that your code is not discriminatory, although this does not mean that you cannot have different uniforms for the male and female members of the team. Remember that, as with any policy, your dress code must be fair and reasonable and applied evenly across the workforce depending on the needs of the business.

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