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Helping avoid costly legal fees, an employment legal insurance policy offers peace of mind. Through Premier Legal and our annual retainer package, you can save time and money should you be taken to an employment tribunal.

There are many areas which legal costs insurance can cover, including general legal fees, compensation awards, legal defence, appeals and even crisis communication. Additionally, for an extra fee, we can provide outsourced HR for any issues, reduced rates on training and any written work not covered by insurance – we’ll also handle restructure and redundancy consultations.

Whatever employment problems you have, our employment legal insurance scheme covers you. You’ll receive client care from our team – who have over 40 years of combined experience – and, through our retainer scheme, we’ll be familiar with your business, making any processes much smoother.

To learn more about our insurance, or if you’re looking for legal fees cover, simply contact our professional team today and we will be happy to discuss the needs of your business.

Unlike most other schemes if you need to use the policy, the business does not have to have prospects of being able to successfully defend any claim in order to be covered by the insurance.  This is a considerable advantage over other schemes on the market.

Don’t just take our word for it – see these articles from The Times about employment tribunal nightmares:

Tribunal system chaos
Equality law injustices


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Case Study

Midlands based business takes our bundled service offering and is scheduled to attain £150K per annum cost saving across the group in 2020

An expanding business based in the Midlands specialising in electrical component distribution approached our practice to consider the bundled insurance & HR services we offer. The business retained a Human Resource function but were looking at outsourcing this to streamline their operations and make them more reactive & effective to market needs whilst also exploring cost cutting opportunities as part of their 5 year strategic plan. They also had several disciplinary and grievance matters which had become highly contentious and resource heavy with impending tribunals and likely compensatory claims, a real threat. The Director’s view was that resources were being disproportionately consumed by these issues and costs were escalating whilst hindering the business’s focus on their core activities. Following a series of consultations, we tailored a cost effective solution integral to their strategic plans which resulted in the insurance backed service with ARAG for their employment cover alongside our market leading Premier Total cover being put in place. Our package presented annualised savings of over £100K per annum compared to their current operating model following a period of restructuring / redundancy consultations conducted by our practice. All HR matters are now outsourced with our practice making this a truly successful transition and an example of how many businesses like this one can attain added value through our services & expertise. Such is the success of this partnership, we are now in advanced consultations with their sister company to provide the same operating model for 2021. Combined annualised savings are likely to be in excess of £150K per annum for the group.

Even where an employer has a strong defence to a tribunal claim, dealing with a claim often proves extremely costly in terms of legal fees and lost management time.  Costs are very rarely recoverable in the employment tribunal – so even if you win, you are most unlikely to recover any legal costs. It is worth bearing in mind that discrimination claims are listed for a minimum of 3 days and the legal costs of defending them typically exceeds £20,000.  Unless a financial settlement is possible it often proves difficult or impossible to extricate yourself from tribunal proceedings once a claim is underway.  Our insurance backed retainers provide you with the peace of mind that you will have the resources to deal with any claims that arise and that you will have a team of experts to represent, guide and support you throughout any proceedings. 

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