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  • Email access for those on sick leave

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    The EAT has recently held that cutting off email access to an employee who was off work for reasons of ill health was a provision, criterion or practice that put the Claimant at a substantial disadvantage and as a result he was entitled to an injury to feelings award. In this case, the result of […]

  • Dismissals for using mobile phones whilst driving

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    There have been two contrasting Employment Tribunal decisions recently regarding employees using their mobile phones whilst driving. In both cases the employees were dismissed for that reason citing the acts as misconduct but in one the dismissal was held to be fair and in the other it was held to be unfair. The fair dismissal […]

  • £250,000 Award for Sexist Remarks

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    Central London Employment Tribunal has ordered YOO Limited to pay £250,000 in damages to an employee after ruling that she was unfairly constructively dismissed and subjected to detrimental treatment because of pregnancy or maternity. Julie Humphryes claimed that she was forced out of her job at the company because of sexist bullying. She alleged that she was marginalised […]

  • Pensions Staging Date Letters Shock

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    Legislation that came into force almost three years ago, on 30 June 2012, requires all employers in the UK to automatically enrol all eligible workers into a pension scheme.  The legislation has been phased in with the largest employers having to comply first. However, over the next two years about 770,000 small and “micro” employers […]