Archive: Apr 2015

  • Equal Pay Act still sees a 19.1% gender pay gap

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    45 years since the Equal Pay Act and there is still a 19.1% gender pay gap in the UK From March 2016, companies with 250 or more employees will be obliged to report their gender pay gap annually. Currently the average woman earns 81 pence for £1 that every man is paid. Whilst many companies […]

  • ECJ Decision on the Woolworth’s case (Collective Consultation)

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    The ECJ has just handed down it’s decision in the Woolworth’s case and has held that “establishment” for collective consultation purposes refers to an individual workplace and not to the employer as a whole. Therefore Woolworths were right to count each store as a separate establishment and did not need to engage in collective consultation […]

  • Zero Hours Worker awarded £19,500 in harassment claim

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    An employment tribunal has made an award of £19,500 to a female zero hours worker in respect of injury to feelings for the harassment that she suffered at work. The Claimant worked for the Britannia Hotels group as a waitress in a hotel, and alleged that her line managed harassed her over an 8 month […]