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  • Are you a Manager or Managing?

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    Natalie Thomson has had an article published in the NBV newsletter. This, we hope will make employers realise that there is so much that they can do within the workplace.

  • Settlement Agreements, the new name for Compromise Agreements

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    From the summer, compromise agreements shall no longer be known as compromise agreements! Their new name shall be Settlement Agreements.   The name change has been brought about by a Code of Practice (Settlement Agreements Code) which shall be in force from this summer (the exact date has yet to be confirmed).   The Code […]

  • The New Tribunal Rules come into force on 29th July 2013

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    The new Tribunal rules come into force from 29th July 2013. Claims issued on or after this date are subject to an issue fee whch shall be either;   £160 for Type A claims (simple claims such as holiday pay and unlawful deductions claims) £250 for Type B claims (unfair dismissal, discrimination etc).   Claimants […]